123 Movies – Best Movies Online For Free Without Registration

123Movies has many years of activity in the online streaming industry and it’s currently the most popular free streaming website.

Even if its popularity decreased a bit since 2017 when the official website was closed by the government, this website still has more than 20 millions monthly searches on Google which is huge.

We know that many people would like to find out more info about this giant streaming website and either if the platform is legal and safe to use or not. You’ll find out all the answers in the paragraphs below.

The History of 123Movies

The first 123Movies was created somewhere between 2014-2015 as far as we know and even if it started just like any other small website form that time, it offered a very good quality for its video files and managed to build probably the biggest collection of movies and series from the whole internet.

Eventually Movies123 became a giant that seemed to be unstoppable because everyone was watching their movies and series in this place. Unfortunately, in 2017 the Motion Picture Association of America started to make pressure upon the Vietnamese Government (where the 123Movies.To was based) and they shutted down this streaming platform.

123Movies Site in 2022

Today there are tens or hundreds of websites that are using the same name as 123Movies and it’s impossible to know which one is the original anymore. Rumors are saying that shortly after the closure in 2017, the team who created 123Movies came back with a new website using a different name so there are chances for those guys to be among us today after many years.

As we said at the beginning of the article, GoMovies is still the most popular streaming website in the world even if the original one was closed and the traffic and fans divided into many places. It’s very difficult to choose a good streaming website these days but that’s why we are always giving you the best advices when it comes to online streaming sites.

Is 123Movies Legal?

123Movies and many other free streaming sites in general are never hosting movies and series or any video files on their own servers because that’s the main illegal thing in all this activity. All the streaming sites are uploading their content on third party video hosting files and then publish a mirror link or a video player on their website.

Now you know how a streaming site like 123Movies work and why the authorities can’t do anything harmful for those sites today because they are not hosing any files on their servers so basically 123 Movies is a completely legal website and you won’t end up in any problems if you choose this free streaming platform to watch your favorite movies and series online free in HD quality.

Is 123Movies Safe To Use?

123Movies only has the interest to offer you high quality movies and series and show you a few ads, nobody wants to do anything harmful to their visitors. However, you still have to pay attention when you are visited a website and don’t install suspect software or any browser extensions that look dangerous.

If you just visit 123MoviesHub to watch your content and you don’t download or install anything, you don’t complete any surveys, don’t give your personal data to anybody, there is nothing risky left. So, yes 123Movies is very safe PrimeWire to use as long as you are cautios and you pay attention to a few details while browsing the website.

Why Is 123Movies Sustainable?

The monthly costs of running a big streaming website like 123Movies are quite expensive and there are bills that are always coming if you own a platform with so many visitors that also requires powerful servers and many different tools to keep the things working fine.

As you probably seen, there are a few pops that jump out if you are not using an adblocker while browsing the pages of GoStream looking to watch some movies. Those ads are making a few penny which are gathering during a month and eventually the maintenance costs will be paid with those funds.

However, usually somebody who creates a streaming website is also passionate about it and will always cover the expenses from its own pockets if the website is not self-sustainable from the advertising revenue.